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USA, 1978. It’s Halloween, Sam is a 10 years old girl looking for candy while she’s doing her homework. In any case, she has to be careful, it is told by the neighborhood kids that inside the forest, a strange man with paper bones lives in an abandoned cabin.

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the-paperman-vr-win.zip 2 GB
Version 1


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Very Awesome Game, Can't Wait To See More Games From You Guys!


good creepy


I gave it a go with my Valve Index, complaints and walkthrough found here, thanks! Hope it gets good polish and a higher framerate, higher resolution, etc for Steam

Hello everyone! In the next days we will upload a new version of The Paperman with some changes:
- Bug Fixes
- Better performance
- PC Version (Mouse, Keyboard, Controller...) 
And more changes, stay tuned!


Just noticed this. Great to hear! I see you used my review on the steam page, made my lol when I saw it. 

Will the steam version be any different?

Hi! Would love to play, but I seem to be missing my hands (ie I don't have any video camera or anything). Any ideas what the problem could be? I'm on a Rift S

Hello! Currently the game isn't fully adapted to Oculus Rift devices so is expected that you can't play. You'll have to wait until we finish a proper port. Sorry for the trouble.


Jumpscares? That's the last think I want in a VR game lol


This game does look amazing keep up the good work and if you ever need a student to help im always available 24/7 but have only 2d point and click game building skills and i know no programming language but am very willing and i'd like to think intelligent enough to learn quite fast 


W T F. So you guys are basically genius.

Hands down on one of the best (if not the best) VR games I've ever played. This is some serious freaking mind-blowing experience. Keep going guys!

And for you reading this:



I really enjoyed this as well. Made a gameplay vid here:

Thanks dude! Neat gameplay, we are glad you liked it. 


Was absolutely blown away by this game. Some incredible and new experiences to be had. Gameplay below. Bravo devs!

Thank you! U rock dude!


Just amazing!


Nice game! One of the best vr games that I played here! Hope u continue uploading content

Thank you so much! We're so glad you enjoyed it, you can follow us on twitter, if we announce something it will be there, we have exciting news for the future :)

Downloads are available again!

The game will be live in a moments! Thanks!

Seems to be something wrong with the files. I tried launching the game, but it keeps bringing up

There should be 'paperman_Data'
folder next to the executable.

I tried flipping around the files, but no luck.

Try to download again the game and check the folders. It should be fixed! If the problem keeps  please contact with us, thanks! 

We find a bug and we're working on it. In the next hour The Paperman will be live again!

Try creating a folder, then move the exe, the "mono" folder and player.dll to it. Then take the data folder (or everything else and put it together with the 3 files I mentioned earlier.

Note: I have not downloaded this game yet. But the mistake you mentioned happened to other games. So that was the way I found it and it worked.

Very cool!